Winter in Los Angeles

Snow in current day Los Angeles south of the mountains is unheard of, but the historical fiction portions of TIDES OF TIME and MAGIC TOUCH take place in the 1930s and 1940s when snowfall was rare but a possibility.

A snow day at UCLA, my alma mater. January 1932.

Magic Touch Wins First Place



Thanks to for hosting the 2018 Heart-to-Heart Contest. I’m thrilled to say Magic Touch took 1st place in Speculative Romance.

Tides of Time has made finalist in three international contests this year including a 2nd place and two 3rd place wins. Those were Cleveland Rocks, The Catherine, and On The Far Side.

Magic Touch has finaled in two international contests including The Daphne and the Heart-to-Heart.


This week’s theme is Sustenance or what nourishes your characters. I chose food from my series. It’s set in LA where all the authentic cuisines of México and farther South are available. (Also I chose b/c tacos are the best & I will sprint only if chased or if promised a churro). #thursdayaesthetic