From The Nahualli-Donovan Legacy Series –

Magic Touch (unpublished manuscript)

2018 Finalist in The Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense

Witch Delia Donovan possesses the magic touch for solving crime in Los Angeles.

A district attorney, Delia’s career means keeping her family’s witchcraft a secret. But when her psychic kid sister is recruited for a magical FBI task force, Delia joins the team to watch over her. On her first day, Special Agent Mark Cavan is cocky and intense in a hot way… until he demands that Delia be fired.

Mark didn’t sign up to be blown off at first sight by a sexy D.A. So hands-off she’s called “Ice Queen.” He can’t wait to ditch babysitting duty and get back in the pilot’s seat doing real work. It’s too bad he can’t stop wanting Delia.

Mark and Delia can’t stop provoking one other even when their snappish back-and-forth hints at a sizzling unspoken attraction. Can they put aside tormenting each other long enough to solve the team’s murder case before Delia and Mark become the next victims?

Tides of Time (unpublished manuscript)

2018 Finalist in The Catherine

2018 Finalist, On The Far Side

2018 Finalist, Cleveland Rocks NEORWA

Can a witch who’s broken the rules and a reformed bad boy who’s never belonged solve a mystery that holds the key to their happiness before their own pasts destroy them?

Cami Donovan, the good girl of her family of witches, broke the first rule of magic of “harm none” when she almost killed a man with her elemental magic. By hiding this secret and denying her call to water, she’s done her best to leave her past behind. But family drama and magic come like riptides to suck Cami in. When she meets Sam, she’s willing to confront her past for a chance at a future together.

Sam Corraza believes he’s overcome the abandonment issues of his childhood by dedicating himself to his successful oceanfront restaurant. He’s never known why his parents pushed him away in childhood, but he will have to discover the reason before he can risk forever with the enchanting Cami.

The two are pulled together in unraveling how cinema star Thelma Todd died under suspicious circumstances in 1935. Solving the mystery may unlock their own happiness, but Cami and Sam will each have to confront personal pasts before history rips their new passion apart.