Donovan’s Dare (unpublished manuscript)

2018 Finalist in The Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense

Witch Delia Donovan possesses the magic touch for solving crime in Los Angeles.

A district attorney, Delia’s career means keeping her family’s witchcraft a secret. But when her psychic kid sister is recruited for a magical FBI task force, Delia joins the team to watch over her. On her first day, Special Agent Mark Cavan is cocky and intense in a hot way… until he demands that Delia be fired.

Mark didn’t sign up to be blown off at first sight by a sexy D.A. So hands-off she’s called “Ice Queen.” He can’t wait to ditch babysitting duty and get back in the pilot’s seat doing real work. It’s too bad he can’t stop wanting Delia.

Mark and Delia can’t stop provoking one other even when their snappish back-and-forth hints at a sizzling unspoken attraction. Can they put aside tormenting each other long enough to solve the team’s murder case before Delia and Mark become the next victims?

Donovan Darling (unpublished manuscript)

2018 Finalist in The Catherine

Keeping the peace in the family is hard enough. Try dealing with a family of witches.

Cami Donovan doesn’t have time for romance with her new job as a school librarian, graduate studies, and being the darling of a matriarchy of strong-willed witches. She’s made it out of a violent, abusive relationship that haunts her. She doesn’t want another mistake, so she’s sworn off dating. At least until she meets Sam and wants to delve past his movie star good looks.

Sam’s work is his life until Cami walks into his restaurant all sexy curves and quiet control. He thinks he has it all – a successful business, his side gig as a Los Angeles historian for television, surfing, and the perfect rescue dog. Sam doesn’t want change, but he definitely wants Cami. Even if means braving scrutiny from her fierce sisters.

When Cami and Sam are pulled together in a mystery of magic, murder, and classic Hollywood, they can’t deny the sizzling heat between them. But first, they’ll have to confront their own pasts and navigate supernatural family dynamics before history rips their new passion apart.