About The Author: After growing up steeped in Southern Gothic, Luna Joya prosecutes sex crimes and homicides by day and writes stories of urban fantasy romance at night. A survivor of traumatic brain injury with steel body parts, she creates tough and sassy heroines. She lives with her combat veteran husband, their geriatric pets, and her muse – a moody emo daredevil with a Valley Girl accent and extra snark.

Writing Strong Sister Squads Who Conjure,
Crack Cold Cases, and Find Happily Ever After 

About the Blog:  Combining the focus of the novels with the current news and trends, the blog revolves around five main topics in addition to those directly inspired by the series and its characters.

  1. Romance in all things because really, that’s what these books are all about.  A guaranteed happy ever after with some steaminess along the way.  The blog addresses romance in the news, articles for couples, and love in general.
  2. Romance novels because that’s what this series is.  Here’s the place for great romance novel news, podcasts, book rec’s, and more.
  3. Los Angeles is the home of the series and might as well be an extra character.  Therefore, Los Angeles happenings, literary events, and more will be featured in the blog.  
  4. Crime and mystery whether true life or fictional recommendations.  Each book in the series has a current or historical mystery so welcome to all things “whodunnit.”
  5. Survivors focusing on women who have overcome violence against themselves or family because violence against women is a very really thing that needs to be talked about openly.  It’s the only way to stop the cycle.