2018 Personal Writer Goals

With the last day of 2017 upon us and a new year’s beginning, I like to take the time to do three things: reflect on the good that has happened over the past year and what I can learn from the not so good, be thankful for those who have helped me along my path, and set goals for 2018.

Not resolutions. Goals. Measurable, likely attainable, big reach-for-the-sky goals. I do it in all areas, but sometimes it’s easy to forget writing as that’s my passion. Why set goals for a passion? Because passions can quickly get out of hand if they don’t have a path to follow.

So here are my 2018 goals for writing in addition to the normal write a lot, edit even when I don’t want to, and maintain active membership in my current writing groups:

  1. Finish drafting the next two books of the Donovan urban fantasy romance series about witch sisters who are part of a special FBI task force. Finished stories for Zaida and Kemina will complete the series other than two smaller stories I’ve been spinning.
  2. Join two specialty chapters of RWA – Kiss of Death & FFP 
  3. Take at least 5 workshops as you can’t get better without learning new things
  4. Attend my first National RWA conference (a huge step for an introvert)
  5. Enter at least three writing contests including the Golden Heart Award

What are your goals? Care to share?

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