Favorite Podcasts for Writers from 2017

Podcasts are amazing when done well! L.A. gridlock traffic makes it imperative to use your time in the car wisely and oh so very calmly. Podcasts have trumped blogs for me in the past few years as the media has changed, and commutes have given me plenty of time to listen to some of the very best – and the very worst – of podcasts for writers.

I’ve included links to their podcasts and Twitter wherever possible because ain’t nobody got time for digging for all that.

Here are my top few:

10 Minute Writer’s Workshopicon_497562871-83d762f65baab8c7e178e39bafbedbc7d45df206-s400-c85

It’s short, sweet, diverse, and NPR quality. You can always find time to hear an author’s ten-minute interview to hear what’s harder: that first line or the last? The interviews include tips, insights, and more.

DSUFXXxXkAEFvzwThe Creative Penn Podcast

Joanna at The Creative Penn produces her own podcast about writing, publishing, and marketing. In her 300+ episodes, she covers topics from time management to intellectual property to overcoming the pressures on creativity with interesting interviews. Joanna is on Twitter here.

The Well-Storied PodcastThe Well-Storied Podcast

Kristen produces a podcast along with running her community and the #storysocial chat on Twitter. She covers topics like traditional and self-publishing, plotting a series, character motivation, and more.  Find more about Kristen at her Twitter feed.

Write Now with Sarah Werner

Sarah produces a podcast for writers about passion, inspiration, and motivation for creating. Her “Coffee Now” episodes feature honest and often touching interviews with creative people to help fuel your own journey.  Sarah is over on Twitter here.

And my absolute favorite “can’t wait to hear the next episode” pick:


Smart Podcast Trashy Books by the ladies of Smart Bitches Trashy Books

Twitter @smartbitches

They talk about all of my favorite fan girl things and keep the topics varied and upbeat as they interview different authors, independent bookstore owners, and all-around great awesome people. They’re like the cool girls’ book club you always wanted to find.

Any recommendations to add to my playlist?